It’s time to go grocery shopping: you’ve built your list—a critical requirement and pro move—and written down everything you need. Before digital transformation, you simply got into your car and drove to the supermarket of choice. But what was that choice based upon? Distance, price, product selection? Most likely it was a combination of the three, but rarely was it the uniqueness of your experience with the store’s brand.

In other words, if two supermarkets offered the same price ranges, product selections, and were right next to each other, most people wouldn’t mind shopping at one or the other. This was an obvious problem for grocery stores. But without digital, the dynamics of grocery shopping were pretty much set in stone.

In this video, you’ll see how Kroger—the United States’ largest supermarket by revenue and the second-largest general retailer—embraced digital transformation, and learn about their vision for using the tools available to offer new services and experiences to their customers.