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Aidan is the director and founder of Kirkpatrick Consult Limited. He graduated with a Bachelors degree with honours in Mechanical engineering before becoming a Certified Microsoft Professional and subsequently achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Qualified Teacher Status. Aidan has been designing, coding, implementing and training on IT Solutions for over 20 years.

June 2021

Expand your offerings portfolio with innovative digital solutions. Get started with Microsoft Retail Solutions.

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Thanks to accessible and secure cloud technology, retail businesses are using their most innovative retail applications to create new revenue opportunities and secure long-lasting partnerships. Follow Kirkpatrick Consult Limited to learn how you can leverage Microsoft #RetailTech to foster industrywide disruption and get the most from your existing solutions.

Inspire and empower employees with cloud-based collaboration. Get started with Microsoft 365.

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Providing employees with digital spaces where they can easily share ideas and collaborate on projects is a staple of today's modern workplace. Follow Kirkpatrick Consult Limited to learn how you can upgrade your current productivity tools by leveraging the power of always-on, cloud-based collaboration via #Microsoft365.

Retail as a service

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Reimagining tech innovations as new offerings can provide a business with additional revenue opportunities, give rise to complementary services, and pave the way for profitable new partnerships. See how Kroger's tech division, is using Microsoft #RetailTech to offer cutting-edge solutions as a retail-as-a-service (RaaS) capability.

City of Houston: Collaborative tools

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Whether they're public or private, modern organizations need to strive for innovation and security to stay relevant in today's digital world. Thankfully, in the pursuit of increased productivity, leading enterprise software now puts collaboration front and center.. To illustrate this, see how the city of #Houston is optimizing its collaboration capabilities and fostering innovation by empowering its employees via #Microsoft365.

Modernize sales productivity

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With #Microsoft #Dynamics365 for #SalesProfessional, modernizing seller productivity is the simpler way to build sales momentum and boost productivity. Focus on what's most important with complete customer interaction history, guidance toward optimal outcomes, and rich interactive dashboards. Check out the video for more!

Retail in the 2020s: The death of consumerism?

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As consumers become more mindful about how they spend their money, retailers must rethink their overall strategy to deliver longer-lasting products and better customer service. This will shape both the future of the industry and the technology that drives it. In this article, learn about the six main forces that will influence #RetailTech this decade.

The Benefits Of SaaS For Managing Cloud Security Threats

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In today's dynamic markets, having flexible technologies that adapt to these shifts is critical for any business. In this article, you'll learn how software-as-a-service (SaaS) models like #Microsoft365 are becoming key enablers for organizations to empower end-user collaboration and enhanced #EnterpriseSecurity.

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