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Aidan is the director and founder of Kirkpatrick Consult Limited. He graduated with a Bachelors degree with honours in Mechanical engineering before becoming a Certified Microsoft Professional and subsequently achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Qualified Teacher Status. Aidan has been designing, coding, implementing and training on IT Solutions for over 20 years.

June 2021

The challenges faced by today’s retail stakeholders

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Retailers are constantly reinventing their businesses with the help of digital solutions that empower their customers and employees. However, it's equally important for those who design apps and initiatives to keep in mind the needs of other retail stakeholders. Learn more about the industry's main stakeholder challenges and how to address them with #MSRetail.

A modern focus on enterprise protection

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Increased risk always goes hand in hand with amplified connectivity. Thus, when moving to the cloud, businesses' must ensure the security and complete oversight of their sensitive data. Read this infographic to learn how you can protect and safeguard your organization's critical information with #Microsoft365.

May 2021

Protect your data with secure and resilient productivity applications. Get started with Microsoft 365.

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Today's productivity applications need to seamlessly connect employees with clients, peers, and projects while guaranteeing they can do so from any device or location around the world. Follow Kirkpatrick Consult Limited to learn how you can utilize the advanced productivity and security features of #Microsoft365 to ensure real-time access to your work, regardless of where you are.

Complement your in-store experiences with interactive customer applications. Get started with Microsoft Retail Solutions.

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In the current retail industry, integrated customer-facing digital solutions are the norm. Follow Kirkpatrick Consult Limited to get the latest insights into how your business can leverage the #IoT and #Microsoft #RetailTech to increase sales, expand its customer support channels, and maintain satisfied shoppers.

City of Houston: Optimizing business processes

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For public and private sector organizations, the secure digitization of business processes can make all the difference in enabling productivity and reliability. In this video, you'll learn how the City of Houston, Texas is leveraging #Microsoft365 and #MicrosoftGov to become better at what they do: looking after the well-being of millions of citizens.

Kroger: Next-gen mobile shopping

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What if your customers' grocery lists could point them in the direction of their favorite items, allow them to self-checkout, and let them use a custom avatar along the way? Watch this video to learn how Kroger's Scan, Bag, Go solution leverages the #IoT and #Microsoft #Azure to deliver a unique grocery shopping experience.

Tivoli Gardens delights guests with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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#TivoliGardens aims to find out what each and every one of their 4.5 million guests annually prefers, and to help them enjoy their stay. How does the world's second oldest amusement park make it happen? With #Microsoft #Dynamics365 Customer Insights. See the full story here:

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