Creating Artwork for Hard Copy Items

Kirkpatrick Consult Limited had been working with Dawn for some time (creating her new website) when she enquired about having some flyers created with a consistent brand identity.  A meeting was held to develop a more detailed project scope and once signed off KCL set about preparing some artwork.  When a design was chosen and signed off, KCL then manufactured the hard copy items and delivered them straight to Dawn as well.

Dawn Lamb Flyer By Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Front Side

Striking Design

In order to enforce Dawn’s brand identity it was necessary to stick to the colour pallet and font family that the newly created website used.  We then chose one of the main website images to use a background (ensuring the resolution was suitable for printing) and scaled it all to print on A5 card whilst ensuring to keep all foreground text and shapes out of the bleed area.

Dawn Lamb Flyer By Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Back Side

Excellent Results

As these flyers had a dual purpose, one of which was to be written on and stamped, we had to consider what type of finish to use on each side of the flyer.  As the front side was designed to be striking and catch attention we opted for a gloss finish.  The back side that was to be written on and stamped had a silk finish.  The card itself was 130gsm in order to be robust enough to be kept in a sports bag for a week!

Dawn was happy (look at the subsequent hardcopy projects she commissioned) with the end result!