Project Brief

The company Zurich approached Reed Education with the requirement to train four staff on the advanced features of Microsoft Access.  Having worked with Reed Education many times before they inturn reached out to KCL and asked if we could help.

We could and we did.

The Challenge

In addition to the usual challenges of providing training sessions at unknown locations (this was to be held in the Zurich head office) there was a real need to prepare a course for four members of staff with significantly different levels of ability and experience with the application being trained on.

The Solution

The solution was that we created a differentiated course that was highly interactive and segmented into bit-sized sections all of which fed into the creation of a customised solution in Microsoft Access.  In addition, the course was split into two halves that were separated by four weeks, so that the staff would have an opportunity to reflect on the information learned and put it into practise in their working jobs.  This also presented an opportunity to respond to any queries arising in between sessions and rectify them before moving on.

Zurich Access Training By Kirkpatrick Consult Limited
Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Session Planning Form
Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Access User Guide

Great level of knowledge and great presentation from Aidan. Highly recommended.

Delagate, Zurich

Very informative. The trainer had great presentational skills and was very engaging.

Delagate, Zurich