Project Description

We were delighted to welcome Collaborate on board as a new Gold package client this year.  Collaborate asked KCL to support their existing business critical IT Systems, which started with a thorough Systems Analysis report.  The report was created as a base line document for understanding and developing the existing systems, whilst also documenting and analysing the current business workflows, so that future development only ever positively impact the whole business.

So, 141 pages later:

Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Systems Analysis

KCL Client Systems Analysis Report

We analysed:

  • The Staff (using on-line questionnaires and face-to-face interviews)
  • The business workflows (and subsequently converted them into flow diagrams)
  • The business critical information systems (these were MS Excel and MS Access based, so broke it down cell by cell, field by field, module by module as to what it all did and how it interrelated)
  • Current issues
  • Future requirements

Once this had all been done and delivered to Collaborate to digest, we met to discuss how to move forwards.  A project proposal was subsequently created and signed off and Phase 1 of the Collaborate CRM redevelopment project was initiated.